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Tarpon Express

Fishing is based on a lot of factors such as location fished, time of year, air temperature, water temperature, tidal movement, water clarity, current, wind direction and velocity, all which affect fishing. For over four decades I have studied the movements and migrations patterns of Tarpon, Sharks, Kingfish, Trophy Speckled Trout, Redfish, Bull Redfish and Flounder. Thousands of hours spent exploring the waters around Galveston Island and keeping very detailed records have enable me to accumulate an unsurpassed inventory of great fishing spots I call "PAITITI SPOTS." I guarantee to have you in the right place at the right time to try your luck with these great fish. The rest is up to you as the fishermen doing the fishing and the person who controls the weather, which incidentally is not your fishing guide. With that said, here are a few feedbacks from some of our fishermen, fisherwomen, fishing families and best of all, fishing kids.
- Captain Mike Williams, 2012 fishing season


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Captain Mike Williams and the Tarpon Express were featured on the National Geographic Hooked: Man vs. Fish series. Watch as Robert Lord Jr. lands a record size tarpon.

Some of my buddies and I booked a shark fishing with Captain Mike Williams of Tarpon Express. Captain Mike told us we were fishing over a wreck of a aircraft. We caught, big Reds. Jack Fish, Kingfish and Ling, but for my buddies and I, the most fun was the big Black Tip Sharks. The fish were biting when we got to that wreck and they were still hitting when we left, totally worn out. - Larry Davis, Dallas Texas

My grandson and I had a great day off Galveston Island catching the biggest shark my grandson has ever caught. Captain Mike Williams had us on some huge sharks early, but more important, what impressed me the most was how Capt. Mike helped my grandson with his first big shark. Capt. Mike, thanks for the memory and guiding us to a fishing trip we will never forget. - Jamie Recker, Houston, Texas

As policemen we try to stay in shape, but Capt. Mike Williams had us huffin' and puffin' on some really big sharks. It's rare when four buddies can get together and have so much fun fishing and literally catch fish all day long. We all four agreed, without any doubt, for us it was a fishing trip of a lifetime and we will be back. - Jeff Gore, Nathan Baker, B. J. Wooldridge, Jason Smite - Greenville, Texas Policemen.

I can't remember when we had so much fun fishing as a family. I speak for my boys, wife and I, when I SAY the day we spent fishing with Capt. Mike Williams for shark will be an outdoor adventure we will never forget. I was a little hesitant at first to take my family shark fishing, but once on the water, you could just tell it was not Capt. Mike's first rodeo. The man is perhaps one of the best captains I've ever been with when it comes to helping and handling young boys with big sharks... thanks again Capt. Mike, we will be back. - The Mark Bristol family - Dallas, Texas.

We went fishing with Capt. Mike Williams of Tarpon Express and caught some really big fish. My son "DAN THE MAN" caught the biggest and the most. - Daniel Virson, Palestine, Texas

Awesome fishing trip, Capt. Mike Williams of Tarpon Express has us in big fish all day long, only time we didn't catch fish was when we stopped to eat lunch and rest after catching a big hammerhead shark. - Dr. Stephen Medine, Catoosa, Oklahoma

My friends and I had a great day fishing just offshore Galveston with Capt. Mike Williams. We caught a lot of Kings, all released, plus some really big sharks. We could see the fish swimming just above a wreck not too far from my beach house at Rollover Pass. - Sherry Barnes, Houston, Texas

All I can say is, if you want to catch some really big sharks, Capt. Mike Williams is your man. The fight of a big shark is awesome. - Ed Bishope, Dallas Texas

I took my wife Brook and my three daughters Mason, Jo Ann and Re Ann out for a day of Black Tip shark fishing with Capt. Mike Williams of Tarpon Express. Capt. Mike was really great with kids and we caught tons of sharks all day long to well over seven feet long. We all had a great time and cannot wait to back out there. - David Rosalez, Amarillo, Texas

First, I want say thanks to Capt. Mike Williams of Tarpon Express for one of the most rewarding fishing experiences I have ever had. Not sure if that's common, but for myself and my fiancée Linda we had so much fun catching redfish after redfish. I think the total for the day was 30 plus redfish for her and I.. For us, it was a trip of a lifetime. Thanks again for a great Galveston charter and we will be back soon. - Loc Dao and Linda Nguyen, Dallas, Texas

This trip with Capt. Mike Williams of Tarpon Express was by far the funnest fishing trips we have ever been on. It was non-stop action from the minute we started fishing, until it was time to head in. Thanks Capt. Mike for a great time and we will see you again next year. - Michael Van Sant -Sherman, Texas

We have booked several trips with Capt. Mike Williams of Tarpon Express and we always pretty much slam dunk hammer the redfish fishing near a shallow water wreck. On our last trip we a had a full 4 man limit and also got to use our tags on fish just over 28 inches, plus one big bull for mounting. Thanks Capt. Mike for a great trip, We will be back. - Barac Garcia, Mel Garza, Manny Garcia, Art Valdez, Houston, Texas.

Our guide, Capt. Mike Williams, took us shark fishing and we went to a great spot just offshore Rollover Pass fishing over a wreck. My fishing partner Clint Gillispie and I caught sharks. Clint caught the biggest bull red and the biggest shark, an ass whoopin' 120 pound black tip. We had a great time catching the sharks plus I caught the biggest king fish of my life. - Korde Smith, Clint Gillispie, Weatherford, Texas.

Most amazing time I ever had. We had a blast catching King Mackerel and some really big black tip sharks. Most fun I ever had on the water. Fishing with Capt. Mike Williams is awesome! - David and Christain Brooks, Jousha, Texas.

Went fishing with Captain Mike Williams of Tarpon Express and caught sharks up to 140 pounds fishing over a sunken ship just off Galveston Island. Our group was amazed at the power and fight of these sharks, especially the bigger sharks. - Chris & Tim Turbeville, Jonathan & Brittany Harris, Timothy Burgar, Beaumont, Texas.

I have fished the coast all my life and never run into such powerful fish where I had to pass the rod off to someone else to finish the fight until I went shark fishing with Capt. Mike Williams of Tarpon Express. - Don Griffin and Casey Robbins, Fort Worth, Texas.

My girlfriend Tricia and I had fantastic trip fishing with Capt. Mike Williams of Tarpon Express. - John McAdams and Tricia Stone, Galveston, Texas.

Capt. Mike, thanks for a great sharkfishing trip. The number of fish (and big shark) that you got us into during our trip was fantastic. All of the guys, ages 6 to 42 had some very tired arms the next morning and lots of great memories. We will definitely be booking additional trips with you again next summer. - Matt Shanley, Houston, Texas.

Captain Mike, Thanks for helping to make my son's 11th year old birthday a very memorable one. He had a great fishing trip with his buddies and some great catches, including our 150+ pound bull shark. What a day! You put us on the fish and we had a blast. Thanks again Captain Mike. - Rob Jessen, The Woodlands, Texas.

Though Captain Mike explained that the amount of fish you catch is always unpredictable, he knew exactly where to take us the day we went. We ended up catching 16 huge bull reds and 1 black drum between the four of us. There were lots of other boats around and none of them did half as good as we did - that just proves that fishing with an experienced guide makes all the difference and Captain Mike definitely knows his stuff. They don't call him "iron man" for nothing. Great trip! - Mix and Whitney Williams, Ovilla, TX

Captain Mike Williams said that hammerhead sharks are not caught everyday. I got to play with one on the Tarpon Express, which I enjoyed very much. Fun trip! - Rafael Yera Jr., Great Falls, Montana

What a great day fishing!!! Captain Mike Williams took us out and soon as the lines hit the water we were catching sharks. We had a great time and we never stopped catching sharks until we had to take a break and eat lunch. It's a great experience and the sharks will wear you out. Thanks Capt. Mike for an awesome day .We will definitly be back!!!! - Lisa Curry, Allen, Texas and Marri Lue Wright, Kemp, Texas

My sons Sawyer, Dylan and I went shark fishing with Captain Mike Williams. After catching and releasing sharks, Sawyer caught this beautiful ling which we photographed, then iced it down. Fun adventure trip for the kids and mom - Monica Kohlenberg, Kingwood, Texas

Captain Mike, Thanks for a great fishing trip for Mom, Pop and the kids. Lan and John have been bragging to all their friends about all the sharks they caught. We got some great pictures of the kids fishing - Kelly Wirfel M D, Houston, Texas

I always have dreamed about taking my kids shark fishing with their friends and Captain Mike Williams made my dreams come true. We were on fish all day and they never stopped biting. All my crew said it was a fishing trip that would be in all our memories forever. Hell of a fishing trip - Mark Berry, Corsicana, Texas

Last Updated: 19 January 2016